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I had never done a yoga class before I went to Salayoga and it has been the best thing I have done - I started yoga when I had shoulder issues and couldn’t do my regular exercise, I haven’t looked back since - my shoulder issue has gone which is a blessing and any aches and pains I have had has gone through doing yoga. I absolutely love it; I feel so relaxed and it takes my mind off everyday stresses.

Thank you Thippi x

Carrie Morris

Thippi's yoga classes always leave me feeling calm and energised.  They are as much about the mind as the body and show just how important it is to take care of both.  I would highly recommend them, and there's no need to worry as everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace

Jackie Roderick

I absolutely love Thippi’s classes. They’re very chilled - nothing superficial and Thippi sees everyone as an individual, tailoring the moves and the classes to meet everyone’s needs. Great way to start or end the day.

Emily Hawkins

This yoga class has got me to feel more relaxed every morning and I have got to sleep better than I used to. I have really enjoyed it and have been doing every class possible. It is extremely fun and I can’t wait to do more 🤩.

Aidan Hawkins, age 10

I am a complete novice to yoga and am really glad I took this opportunity to start. I really enjoy the classes. Thippi encourages and develops each class member, no matter of our past experience and skill level. It is already making a difference to my breathing and relaxation skills, really helpful in our current world. I would encourage others to join the classes, its good to learn new things!

Dorothy Blackhall

I love Thippi’s yoga classes. They are gentle and good start to the day . I would highly recommend her yoga classes .She is a very friendly instructor too.

Radika Avora

You’re a wonderful teacher Thippi Thankyou xx 😊

Liz Prosser 

Thank you for your calming but also energising sessions Xx

Bela Patel